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December 31st 2018

How to Create User Profiles on Google Chrome

Creating multiple profiles on Chrome allows you to separate work and personal accounts. Information including bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings can be kept separate. Keep in mind that if anyone has your device they can change to your profile and see information like visited websites.

Create a new profile

Open up the Chrome browser and on the top right of the browser bar click on the person icon.

(The icon will change to reflect which person you are on)

Click on Manage People

Click on Add Person

Type in a name and choose an icon

Click on Add. A new window will then open and then you’re done!

Optional: Turn on sync and sign into your Google Account. The option to sync which means that your any bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings will be the same across multiple devices. Choose to sync if you use different computers or want to access your profile via a mobile device.

(You can also find the option to sync by clicking on the profile icon)

Having multiple profiles can come in handy especially when it comes to online banking. Chrome extensions have the ability to read and change any data from websites visited so a separate banking profile without any is ideal. Another great use case for multiple profiles is for development so that day to day browsing isn’t disturbed by any new changes in Canary.

Switch to another profile

Switch to another profile by clicking on the profile icon

Then choose another profile from the drop down

Delete a profile

Delete a profile by first clicking on the profile icon

Click on Manage People

Click on the three dots located to the right-hand side of the profile you want to delete

Finally, click on the Remove this Person