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January 27th 2019

Cost of Doing Wordpress

Wordpress is an open source content management system originally used to build blogs. The first version of Wordpress was made available in 2003 as a platform built on top of b2/cafelog. Since then it has expanded and is utilized by millions worldwide. While Wordpress the software is free there is more that goes into launching a Wordpress site that is not. For a real life example check out this article done by Codeable.

Some hidden costs of Wordpress include:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Premium themes
  • Premium plugins
  • Developer fees
  • Security services

Pricing Breakdown of a Typical Wordpress Site

  • Domain: $12/yr
  • Hosting $10/mo-$30/mo
  • Premium theme $50-$300+
  • Premium plugins $15-$200+ (either one time fees, monthly or annual purchases)
  • Developer to setup $30-$100/hr
  • Security plugins $99-$500/yr

Pricing Breakdown of a Custom Wordpress Sites

  • Custom themes $3000-$6000 +
  • Custom site $6000-$15000 +
  • Custom ecommerce site $6000-$20000 +
  • Custom web app $1500-$60000 +

Pricing Breakdown for Hiring a Developer or Service for Setup and/or Maintenance

  • Hourly $30-$100/hr
  • Flat rate $500-$1000+
  • Maintenance $30-50/monthly + initial hourly / flat rate fees for setup
  • Small individual jobs $100+


Wordpress might be free but there are a lot of hidden costs involved with launching and maintaining a site. Costs can be kept down by having a generic site but comes at the sacrifice of having a custom site built out to address unique requirements of the company.

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