The process on turning ideas into reality

November 12th 2018

Comparing Server-Side and Client-Side Applications

Multi-page applications make a full page request on each user action. Eventually, this led to the inclusion of AJAX to enable a partial page load. This approach requires JavaScript which adds an additional layer of complexity that can get out of hand in ambitious applications. A full front-end approach provides users with a richer experience and is typically written in JavaScript. Interactions are dynamically made without reloading the entire application giving the application a smooth native-like experience. By running Node.js on the server, client-side applications can pre-render allowing for optimization of load times. Development is also simplified with the decoupling of the front and back-end. We leverage Ember.js for our front-end development along with FastBoot to render our applications on the server-side. In another post we will explore FastBoot in more depth in order to illustrate its benefits.