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February 8th 2019

Essential Elements for Landing Pages


  • Clear call to action
  • Offer
  • Narrow focus
  • Very important attributes
  • Effective headline
  • Resolutions layout
  • Tidy visuals
  • Social Proof

A breakdown of essential elements for landers

Clear call to action

What you want visitors to do At least one visually distinct, centralized, and obvious looking button Use visual cues Repeat CTA below the fold


Anything you can offer visitors Free trial Discounts Whitepaper Early Access Try to pair with deadline to create urgency

Narrow Focus

K.I.S.S Minimize appearance Get rid of nav bar Move company philosophy to about Minimal form fields Keep copy brief

Very Important Attributes

Identity 2-5 things about product/service features A list of things about the product/service Benefits How will features help? Pain points How will features help avoid misery? Use icons/pictures to make list more visual

Effective headline

Use plain language to describe what the site is about Be clear and concise Under ten words

Resolution Layout

Keep essential parts of lander in center/top of screen Logo Headline CTA Supporting visual (Hero Shot) Ensure all essential parts can be seen across all devices

Tidy Visuals

Clear, simple design with plenty of whitespace Big font Bullet points Video? Studies show it can increase conversions by 80% Make sure load time for page is SNAPPY

Social Proof

Customer list Press mentions Case Study Testimonials Usage Statistics