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November 20th 2018

Boost Engagement with Push Notifications

How 7 Companies are Using Push Notifications to Boost Engagement


  • Directing users to your social media channels
  • Promoting products and services (especially special offers)
  • Building trust and brand reputation by delivering valuable content
  • Engaging users who aren’t currently on your site
  • Restoring abandoned carts for ecommerce applications

Case Studies

  • JetBlue offers high value, practical content that helps to improve the flying experience.
  • Push notifications work best when you’re messaging someone about something they really care about.
  • Push notifications can be an excellent tool for reviving abandoned carts. By personalizing your messages and sending vibrant images of the items that your customers missed out on (for whatever reason), you can dramatically improve your conversion rate.
  • Segmentation is necessary if you have a large audience and want to maximize the impact of your push messages.
  • When crafted correctly, push messages can be a more intimate form of communication. This re-engages previous customers, builds brand loyalty and improves your long-term profits.
  • The more data you have on the ways in which people interact with your brand (particularly their purchasing history), the more you can tailor your push messages to resonate with them.
  • Use your customer data to determine what types of items your audience likes, then send them special deals based on their interests.