The process on turning ideas into reality

November 15th 2018

How To Think Like a Brand Strategist

How To Think Like a Brand Strategist

Jasmine Bina, a brand Strategist and CEO of Concept Bureau reflects on what makes a great strategist.

Great strategists:

  • Don't hold anything sacred. They doesn’t assign ‘good’ or ‘bad’ qualities to a shifting landscape.

  • Don’t ask who will win. They ask what the world will look like when the truths of today are false tomorrow.

  • Look for the emergence of common ‘truths’ which come in increments and over time.

  • Solve five problems with one solution.

  • Recognize that where people spend their time and attention is perhaps even more important than where they spend their money, because time and attention can never be earned the way another dollar can.

  • Never forget that everything changes. Everything we believe and do is fluid.